Three weeks Costa Blanca - starting point Moraira

Published: Aug, 2020 | Travel Date: Jul - Aug 2018

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We spent our holiday in Spain on the beautiful Costa Blanca in the small fishing village of Moraira. If you don't feel like spending a hotel holiday in the tourist strongholds such as Calpe, Benidorm or Denia, I can recommend Moraira. We lived in a holiday home and went on various trips by car - the place is a wonderful starting point. You can of course shorten this trip to two weeks.



  • General Information

    Moraira is located between Alicante and Valencia directly on the sea. The place is very small and familiar - there are hardly any hotels. Most tourists rent a holiday home with a pool there, which is only recommended given the warm temperatures. In the high season there are many tourists on site, but no high-rise buildings are allowed in Moraira, so the city is still very quaint.


    We have a holiday home in Moraira. It's best to rent a holiday home. In the off-season it is relatively cheap. There are houses of all sizes and price ranges, just do a little research.

    Activities and Sights

      Castillo de Moraira, Calle Castillo, Moraira, Spain
      Castillo de Moraira, Calle Castillo, Moraira, Spain

      The lighthouse is right on the beach and is bathed in beautiful light in the evening. Events are often held here in the high season.

      Altea, Spain
      Altea, Spain

      There are many small shops with clothes, accessories, jewelry and souvenirs. Best to come here in the late afternoon / evening and have dinner in one of the many restaurants with a great view. Do not wear thin heels! The entire old town consists of uneven stones, which makes walking in high heels very difficult.

      SL-CV 51, Torre Vigia Cap d'Or, Moraira, Spain
      SL-CV 51, Torre Vigia Cap d'Or, Moraira, Spain

      You can either drive to just before the starting point of the hike or walk from Moraira. The ascent to the tower is very easy and easy to manage even for beginners. The panoramic view is beautiful!

      Ifach, Spain
      Ifach, Spain

      The mountain Ifach is not only the distinguishing mark of Calpe but also a great vantage point with a view of the Costa Blanca. To climb the mountain, however, you have to pay a small entrance fee. It is worth going early in the morning, as only a certain number of people are allowed to go up the mountain at once and you may have to wait a bit. Good, non-slip shoes are highly recommended. The climb is not that easy, but it is doable. Sometimes you have to climb along ropes and overcome large boulders. But you will be rewarded with a spectacular view.

      Calpe, Spain
      Calpe, Spain

      The old town of Calpe is quite nice and there are numerous shops to stroll through. The bars on the beach have good and cheap tapas.

      Shopping - La Marina

      There are two major shopping centers near Moraira. Once the Portal de la Marina Shopping Center in Ondara and once the Centro Comercial La Marina in Benidorm. There are numerous shops in both.

      Moraira: Hike in the mountains of the Sierra de Bernia
      Hike in the mountains of the Sierra de Bernia

      You drive up to the top of the mountains by car. There are 2-3 restaurants there where you can have lunch very well (Restaurant: Bar Refugio - Vista Bernia) Before you go, you should go on a hike to the ruins of the Fort de Bernia fortress (approx. 1 hour one way) or to the water source " Fuente de Bernia ”(shorter and simpler). But you shouldn't miss the view from the fortress. Both paths are marked on a board by the parking lot, which is located here: Camino Bernia Carretera, 7A, 03727, Alicante

      Moraira beach

      The earlier you get there, the better. It gets pretty crowded on the beach in high season.

      Fonts de l'Algar, Pda. Algar, Spain
      Fonts de l'Algar, Pda. Algar, Spain

      The waterfalls are a welcome cooling off, especially in hot temperatures. There are various waterfalls and pools in the nature park where you can swim in the ice-cold water. Entry is cheap.

      Moraira: Day trip to Valencia
      Day trip to Valencia

      From Moraira you can make a day trip to Valencia. Either you drive directly into the city (parking is limited and the parking garages are very narrow) or you drive to the Valencia Sud stop and park in the large free car park. From there you can take the train to the city center easily and stress-free.

      Benidorm, Spain
      Benidorm, Spain

      The Benidorm promenade is very beautiful. In the high season there is a fish market in the evening where the restaurants present their fresh fish. You can then have this prepared directly.

      Moraira: Dinner at "Bambula", Javea
      Dinner at "Bambula", Javea

      You shouldn't miss an evening trip to the promenade in Javea. In the “Bambula” restaurant you can sit and have a drink or something to eat.

      Moraira: Cliffs between Moraira and Calpe
      Cliffs between Moraira and Calpe

      On the coastal road between Moraira and Calpe there are always small paths that lead down to the sea. Here there are small, secluded bays where you can linger. Examples are: Cala Pinets, Cala Baladrar or Caleta de l’Advocat (just enter it on Google Maps)

      Moraira: Eating ice cream in the Gelateria Venezia
      Eating ice cream in the Gelateria Venezia

      Nice ice cream parlor right on the harbor with the best ice cream in all of Moraira! You can also have breakfast or a bocadillio for lunch. You sit right at the harbor.

      Wine tasting: Bodegas Xaló

      Here you can try very good wine from the region and either fill it into canisters yourself or buy it already filled. You can also buy oils, various salts, honey and other specialties. It is best not to come on Saturdays as there is a flea market across the street and you cannot park.

      Moraira: Day trip to Alicante
      Day trip to Alicante

      Alicante itself is not particularly worth seeing. However, there is a castle, the Castillo de Santa Bárbara, which is very beautiful and worth a visit.



    In the high season there is a lot going on in the whole region, but you can also go to Moraira in the low season or in winter. The area can be visited all year round, as the weather is usually very good and the temperatures are mild. We go to Moraira at least once a year. This trip therefore includes our personal highlights, but there is much more to see and discover in the region.