One Week Exciting Family Tour in Beijing, China

Published: Sep, 2020 | Travel Date: Apr - May 2018



Beijing is the capital of China, a city where modernity and history blend together. It is very suitable for family travel.



  • General Information

    In Beijing, there are many historical and cultural monuments, and many parks have their own historical stories. Food is also a major feature. Because this is a family trip, our route is historical attractions, shopping malls, food. In addition, mobile payment is very developed. If you can install WeChat and use it to pay, you basically don’t need to carry cash.


    Marriott Beijing Northeast, Sanyuan Bridge, Chaoyang, Beijing

    The hotel is located in the embassy area,Quiet, but the subway station is a bit far away, around 15 mins walk

    Activities and Sights

      Arrive the Hotel

      We took the G-Series High-Speed Train from Daian to Beijing, it`s late while we arrived, so we had dinner nearby, we plan to visit more places next following days

      庆丰包子铺(月坛店), Xicheng District, Beijing, China

      We took the breakfast @ Qingfeng Bao Zi, and the famous package

      Mutianyu Great Wall, Huairou District, China

      “Not a hero until the Great Wall" We rent a car and driving there for around 2 hours.

      Forbidden City, Beijing

      Most tourists who come to Beijing for the first time will regard the Forbidden City as a must-see. The Forbidden City was the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties, as well as a symbol and symbol of ancient China. When you are in the high-walled courtyard, you can truly feel its glory in the old time.

      小肠陈 Dinner

      "Xiaochangchen" is a century-old brand in Beijing. It was founded during the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty (110 years ago) foreigner will not like it.

      Prince Gong’s Mansion, Qianhai West Street, Shichahai, Xicheng District

      Except for the emperor and his family, no one is allowed to live in the Forbidden City. Therefore, the relatives of the imperial family must build their own house brothers, thinking of them as homes. Thus, the palace was born. There are more than 60 Qing dynasty palaces in Beijing today, among which Prince Gong's palace is the most complete one.

      Jingshan Park, Jingshan West Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

      It only takes a short climb up the mountain road to see the panoramic view of Greater Beijing. The panoramic view of the Forbidden City is right in front of you, and the White Tower is not far away. Tickets cost only five yuan. It is a 360-degree viewing platform in Beijing!

      Beihai Park, Wenjin Street, Xicheng District, China

      In ancient times, Beihai was a place where the royal family took refuge in the summer to learn to worship Buddha. Every summer, the emperor brought his princes and concubines to Xiyuan-Beihai Park from the north gate of the Forbidden City, escaped from the stacked brick and wood buildings of the Forbidden City, and came to Beihai Park.

      Chang'An Street Bicycle Tour

      You cannot stop in the middle of the Bicycle Tour while you are on Chang`An street From Dong Dan to Xi Dan Walk: 1 hour (addtional time of the security check) Bike: 30 mins

      Beijing Dinner

      Siji Minfu (四季民福) - Peking duck Hai Wan Ju(海碗居) - Noodles with soybean paste Xiao Diao Li tang (小吊梨汤)


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The best time to go to Beijing is later May and June, you should never trust the taxi driver :- ) ,