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avatar by Alina / July 30, 2020 / 2 min read

When planning a journey, many questions arise. Some people already know roughly where to go, some are still looking for a suitable travel destination. So, the first step is to decide where to go and for how long. Our platform provides suitable trips to different countries for every period.

What is a must-see?

The next question that inevitably arises is: What is there to see and to do? And how can I organize the trip so that I can accommodate everything in the time given to me?

The first thing to do is find out which sights a travel destination has and which activities there are. What else is there that I should not miss out on? For example, traditional food, a special event, a secret beach or a viewpoint, etc. This information can usually only be obtained at the location or by chance or through lengthy research on the internet.

With Tripspi you can find out this information in advance. With our trips, you can understand exactly what travelers have already done, what they have experienced, seen and incredible highlights. Another advantage of our platform is that you also get information about how much time you should plan for each activity.

What types of transportation are available?

Another challenge many people face is what forms of transportation are available of getting around? on-site but also between different places, for example on a round trip.

Do I have to rent a car or can I use public transportation? Is it safe? Is there even a well-developed train network, a metro or do I have to explore everything by taxi or private driver service?  All these questions can be answered in advance by using our platform.

Valuable tips and tricks for planning your trip

Now you know what you want to see and do on your next vacation. How to get from A to B and how much time you have, to plan for each destination. So, your trip is planned so far. Within our trips you can find out even more important information. E.g. which hotels are recommended by other travelers, what good or bad experiences have other travelers made and where you might need to be careful. Which local tour provider did other travelers use, or which apps are particularly helpful in the travel destination? You can find these and many other tips and tricks on Tripspi for free!

So, there's nothing standing in the way of your next exciting trip!




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